Friday, September 4, 2009

Writing or dodging

So what is it do you do when you want to write but life gets in the way.

Let's see, I've been working at BoA since June8th, Dating a great guy off and on about 6 months. Well we have decided to make it a serious relationship, so I'm a very VERY happy woman!

A and Z are in school, Z started Kinder and is doing good and A is in the 2nd! Wow, and I turned 29 back in July.

Writing is in some of the papers stacked on my desk both at home and work. I write lines when they come t me, print research when I can and write some of the web sites down to look at again.

So how do I fit writing in between 1. Full time job; 2. two kids; 3. New relationship; 4. house work/cooking and sleeping?

When you figure it out will you tell me?!!!!