Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So as NaNo comes close I'm planning on writing with AshNay working on our Teen Witches.... along with trying and finishing up some of my plotting for other books that have been waving at me from the back ground.

So how is that you plot? How is it that you come up and keep on track... I'm taking point from some of my favorite authors. Rachel V, she using post-it notes on a dry erase board. Alexis Morgan just let's it flow and some others use programs. ME? Heck when I figure it out I'll let you know which way works out. For Sapphire I just wrote, wrote and wrote. For Emerald I plotted a outline and than wrote. For demon Witch I actually used it as a role play which worked out great and than used that as a guide to write.

So as I sit at work with high calls and think of ideas I figured I would put a word or two here....

Hi Kortni!!!!