Friday, August 15, 2008

Great work!

Ok, so it's been a long week. I will update the wiggy thing with Emeralds progress this weekend. Yes I know I only have 10more days of my goal. Do I think I'll make it? Heck no! I'm not where I wanted to be, but I will get some time to work on it when hubby is gone to Vegas for the next week.
This weekend is Tax Free weekend here, I love this weekend! The stores do big sales and you know what... it's also back to school shopping. Autumn is so excited because she wants to go to the big girl stores (Limited 2). She is too tall for 5T's that still fit (heck she can wear her brother's 3T shorts.. if they were not like Daisy Dukes!) So we will be getting a whole new set for this year. I was even thinking of getting myself something new.. who knows!
The suburn is gone, I was red on Monday, but by Tuesday morning I was brown. My nose is the only thing on my face that peeled, so I'm good. I have a nice golden tan to me now, LOVE IT!

Some good news too. Jaci Burton had a contest for her newest book "The Darkest Touch" that will come out the end of Oct. She was giving several readers the chance to do her book reviews. I was luckily choosen, so I will read it and write a review for it and post it here in Oct. (I will read the book WELL before then, but I'll re-read for the review.)
I'm going to be working on posting links to the blogs and websites I visit the most so look for that sometime next week too.
You guys have a good weekend, and I'll see you soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Have a good weekend

I am working on Emerald as I sit here. Ok, maybe not this second because I'm blogging, but I was working on it just a second ago.
I'm also putting together a set of blogs I read daily, or weekly, depending on the Author. I will hope to have them on Monday.
Well, I'm off! Have a good one!
the sticky link was kidnapped from Lynn Viehl's site!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ok, here it goes

Wow, I didn't get much done yesterday on the writing. But for plot, descriptions and planning I get an A, maybe even an A+! I got some planning done for Emerald (the one who I now only have 13 days left to finish) and did some minor work on the newest idea.

My day's normaly look like this:
6am wake up, start coffee and read for a bit.
6:30 first daycare kid arrives. I have to feed him then put him to bed. He's only 4months old
7:30 second daycare kid arrives and she get's fed and put to bed, agian she's 5 months old
8am Autumn, Zachary and one of the daycare kids (who just got here) eat breakfast
Durring which I finish feeding the baby and laying down.

Some time between 8:30 and 10am I get to boot up the computer, I might even get to sit down at it!
That's when the babies start needing to be fed agian. (it takes 45 min to feed each, so that's 2 hours of time.) I do have it down to a fine art. See the oldest one gets fed first. When she's done she gets her tummy time when I'm feeding the other one. When he is done he get's his tummy time and she goes to diapers/bed time. He only can handle about 20 min, so he gets diaper/bed time too.
At this time I've already started/finished lunch
11:30-12 the kids will eat lunch
When they are finished they all go and laydown. (ages are 3,4,5,7,7) Everyone knows where to go and what to do. Once I read a short story, check on babies I hit the dishes then the computer.
By now it's almost 1pm. I get a Mt.Dew and hit the emails. After which I take the time to read my boards, post, read some blogs and then post one.
At 2 or 3(when lucky) the kids get up the babies get up and it's time to get back to it. Durring the internet time I hope I got some reaserch done, and maybe even some writing(normaly not).
Between 3 and 6 I am feeding babies, changing diapers, playing in the daycare rooms and getting dinner out and started.
By 6:30 all daycare kids are gone, Dinner is cooking and it's time for a little one on one with my OWN kids! I will read a chapter with Autumn, watch a cartoon with Zachary and then yell outside for hubby to come in and eat.
At 8pm it's bath time (durring the summer it's 8:30) then it's good night kiddos!
So around 9pm(9:30 summer) I get to get back to the computer and start writing. I can't do this every day. I need family time too, so I take some time to watch a family movie with the kids, or just me and hubby will.

I get to read when I'm feeding a baby, or when I'm stuck and can't figure out what to do, or if I'm over loaded and need a brake.

So what does this say? I love writing enough to loose sleep, freedom and everything else, but I will not sacrifice my family for it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

So let it start already.

Well, Good Morning.

It's a new day and the start of a new week. I've made up my mind that I'm going to finish Emeralds rough draft in three weeks. 21days is all I am giving myself to take the first half and finish it. Not long, but I don't like long goals. I think if I push myself with a short goal I have a shot of getting it done.
See when I set out to write Sapphire I put a goal of the end of the year. Mind you I set this goal on November 15th, 2007. I had the rough draft and spellcheck done by December 15th, and then had a full first revision done by the 27th. I took three days to make minor changes (the formating I did was wrong so it took a bit of work to take all of my Italics and underline). On the 31st I celebrated a complete 80,000 word manuscript.
Since then I've edited it, changed it and it is now around 100,000 words. (give or take a 1000) Emerald is Sapphire's second. Right now it's around 45,000 words and about half way there. So I gess my word goal would be 90,000 for Emerald. I'll find one of those tracking things to add latter.

I have had a crative bug biting me for the last two weeks on an idea I got from a board I frequent. The idea came from two words in diffrent sentences and I just looped them together and walla IDEA! What are the two words? Vegas........escorts. See, not the kind of thing to give to much away. But alas my idea is born and blooming.
I can't give to much away right now but here are the two words I'm using right now "Paranormal" and "Pimpping".
Don't laugh, it's a good idea and it's not a comedy! (I can't seem to be funny) Well, for now I'm just looking into it. I'm going to finish Emerald then work more on Elements of Passion (my Fae story) then start writing the 'idea'. I have reaserch to do first on it, so I'm nost sure where to start.
I'm off to start for the day... Well, I have kids asleep and the big ones are in the back yard where I can see them from the computer! I love my sun room!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The First Fits of my crazyness

OK, so here it is. Official, my first ever blog. Why do I blog, or want to blog? That is easy. I want a way to put it out there that I'm trying. OK, so trying isn't the word I needed, I AM writing. Writing gives me a way to let go of the here and work on the where.
Oh, well that sounds nice huh. As a good friend of mine, Bev. Hale said if you can live with out writing do it and turn around now and RUN, RUN fast and far, But if you can't, then stick it out. She also told me it's a long, hard, bumpy road. (I told her to tell me something I didn't know)
As this is my first blog I will tell you a little about myself. I'm simple, hard, confusing and well all-together crazy. See not difficult at all am I? Well, besides that I'm a mommy of two. That's right I have two people whose every thing in life is because of me (lord help them). I have a daughter who just turned 7, and is going on 16 (why me?), and a son who is 4 almost 5 (and still potty training). On top of my own two I run a in home childcare, in a small town.
Now, you know why I'm crazy. I have anywhere between 7-9 EXTRA kids in my house almost every day. See why I said that writing helps me escape to the where and not worry about the here.
Now that you know that I'm writing, a little about me I'll tell you about my writing. I am embarking on the lovely world of romance writing. That's right guys that yucky stack of books you avoid like the plague! I have always had this dark love for the things that go bump in the night, so well, I'm working on paranormal romances. So what is a "paranormal romance". You know I've watched many authors talk about this topic, and still have no direct awnser. In my humble, unpaid for opinion it's a romance just like any other, except it involves things that we, on earth, call paranormal. This could be anything from physic, vampires, shape-shifters, demons, angels, witches, Fae and the list just keeps going.
My first manuscript is a vampire paranormal romance series. It's not the only thing I'm working on (you know the saying don't put all your eggs in one basket), but it is the only one I have shinned up and ready to start asking people to read. (more on that later)
For now I'm off. I think for a first post I should leave you with questions. Post them, I'll get to them Promise!
Thanks for reading and taking time out for me, I love to hear back!