Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So as NaNo comes close I'm planning on writing with AshNay working on our Teen Witches.... along with trying and finishing up some of my plotting for other books that have been waving at me from the back ground.

So how is that you plot? How is it that you come up and keep on track... I'm taking point from some of my favorite authors. Rachel V, she using post-it notes on a dry erase board. Alexis Morgan just let's it flow and some others use programs. ME? Heck when I figure it out I'll let you know which way works out. For Sapphire I just wrote, wrote and wrote. For Emerald I plotted a outline and than wrote. For demon Witch I actually used it as a role play which worked out great and than used that as a guide to write.

So as I sit at work with high calls and think of ideas I figured I would put a word or two here....

Hi Kortni!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Writing or dodging

So what is it do you do when you want to write but life gets in the way.

Let's see, I've been working at BoA since June8th, Dating a great guy off and on about 6 months. Well we have decided to make it a serious relationship, so I'm a very VERY happy woman!

A and Z are in school, Z started Kinder and is doing good and A is in the 2nd! Wow, and I turned 29 back in July.

Writing is in some of the papers stacked on my desk both at home and work. I write lines when they come t me, print research when I can and write some of the web sites down to look at again.

So how do I fit writing in between 1. Full time job; 2. two kids; 3. New relationship; 4. house work/cooking and sleeping?

When you figure it out will you tell me?!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

They come out of no where

Yes, the ploting just comes out of no where.... Watching something on TV and it just pops in.

So Thanks to some pushing.... I've got two plots going.. but picking which point of view to go with, basically whose story is it.

Run down, it's FINALLY a mermaid story.... yes I've had this thing for mermaids since I was a kid... and I've written down several but this one... it's different... THANK YOU ASH!!! *yes you will be hearing about her allot, she's my critique partner!

So now I'm blogging about nothing... Personal life is interesting... yes I'm talking to a couple guys... but they each offer me something I need.... One is smart and keeps up with me for reading and writing... another is a music buff and can sing! One is rough neck and ex military... the other is just to sweet for his own good. What I need is a blender to mix them all together. Any one got a big one I can use?!

Alright... I'm off to read or write... not sure.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where do you come up with these things?!

To be honest if I knew I would keep it secret, but I don't know....

What am I talking about? I am talking about where do you come up with your ideas? Well, see lately I can be watching something on the TV and I get an idea. Now I'm not pulling them from the movie, but some of them are like taking one idea from it and going around the block with it and it's a totally different thing!

Ok, for example. Take the movie about an American president who was not married (I can't remember the name), combine it with the one about the widowed president with a daughter...I did!

So I get a Widowed president that is dating.... ok, great, this gives you lots of places to run.. but what did I do?!!! HAHA funny thing you should think that, I sunk it in water and came up with a underwater democracy where the president is dating and has a daughter... yeah I know... I don't get it either.

Other than that what am I doing? Looking for a money job, trying to keep the kids from driving me crazy (school is closed b/c of pig flu), and still trying to adjust to my new life. So Hats off, and finger out... I'm good!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Alright, so the title is corny...shoot me. I couldn't help it. So I attended ConDFW this weekend. This was the fist con I attend in my life, last year. It's a small Con, but seems to get some big names. Dallas has a large writing community, and I can say that the SCI/FI group is great. This is mostly geared towards them as far as genre. But, don't think that attending this will make me go SCI/FI, the panels are open to any genre, and I can use the information for my own usage.

Thinking of this Here are the guest of Honors: Jim Butcher and David Webber. I'll be honest. I have never read either one of them. Don't throw stones, remember I've only been reading for a year and a half. So that's allot of ground to cover. I'm a romance reader, and I dabble in others, but they normally have a romantic side to them. I did pick up Jim Butchers "Furies of Calderon", it's unopened, but I promised myself I would read it. My friend Michale was the one who told me that it would appeal to me the most. I was sad that I did not get to have it signed, but t here were sooooo many people in that line, and I was more interested in learning and getting back into inspiration.

Some of the panels I sat in on were: YA creative writing fiction, Aspiring Writers, World Building, How to start a story, Novels VS short story, Self Editing errors, Researching the reals, Fate of heroes, How to make a Villain. Those are just a few. I also sat in on a two hour Q&A with both Mr. and Mrs. Butcher. That was amazing!

Thinking of Mr. Butcher, I called him a Geek. It wasn't on purpose! I promise! I was sitting and some one happened to be talking about "Dungeon Masters" I am not a smart one on this and all I could remember are the geeky guys in school playing this game. You all know the guys, the ones who needed to learn how to interact with real life.... Well I was sitting there when it came up and I said "OH GOD! You're one of those geeks?!" We all laughed; a few minutes later we introduced our selves when he said "I'm geek, Jim Butcher." I think I died, at least I know I was red... He laughed more... but I was ok.

Here are some of the pearls that were dropped this weekend, most of these came from Mr. Jim Butcher, I found that after calling him a Geek that I needed to write down everything he said....

*"Dead lines are great for concentration, much like pain."Mr. Butcher

*"Think of your writing as Art, it's open to be seen. Some will like it, some will not, so who cares."

*"Make a goal to get 100 rejection letters, than make them into a frame for the 1 letter of agreement!"

*"It's not always the story that was rejected, it's the wrong time or place for that agent. Try again later."

*"Do not tie children in the basement to be your focus group. They need to be fed to much for you to write."-This was on the YA panel....

*"Tell the story like you are telling it, not trying to sell it."

*"Writers are like rats. You have to wear your fingers out on the keyboard or your fangs will grow through your head."-Mr. Butcher.

*"First lines may be the best in the world, but it can be cut."

*"The grab may get the Editor to read 2 pages, but if it sucks after that what was the point."

*"Use Librarians, we like it"-this was for research, I swear!

*"The more the real is real, the more the fantastical is believable."-this was said OVER AND OVER!

*"You start with your people, than create the world to torcher them!" Mr. Butcher

*MR. Butcher had a knack for quoting Mark Twain, "For every 1 magical you have you need 2 real world truths."

*And the one that was said the most. "Write what you read, you'll like it more."

Over all of the weekend I think the muse made her way around. I still didn't find a critique partner, but I did find some new friends! Thanks guys!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The path is clear, the time is right

Hello guys,

I am writing!!! YES, so it's not in the true format, it's still roleplaying, but this story has come from left field and hit a home run!!!!
Which one you ask? "Cover me" is the working idea I talked about. I'm writing it with my room mate, it's going great. We have even started to work on one of my other ideas for a YA series. That's right. One of the other pages of my note book are going to be comming to life!!!!

Alright, so that's about all there is for now, I will be child less this weekend, and plan on reading and writing alot. I might even work more on some actual manuscript work. Who knows! Hope you all have a good and safe weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Imagination Prompter....

You know... you should all read Lynn Veihl's blog. She's got so much to say; and she says it ALL! Today she blogs about people not having anything to blog about. She gave this website that helps you... so I'm sharing it....

This link offers you random topics and questions for you to ponder. So I've clicked it and here are some of my questions and what I said:

College taught you...
that Kool-aid is much better over 21!

Three people you adore are...
Autumn, Zachary and Marie

Do you work too hard?
yes so hard that I'm clicking on the next button and blogging!

So those are just a few, they are great. Some are longer and some are deep; but they are all fun, and help you write. The whole link is cool so keep checking it out.

Alright, on the writing front: My Suspense-Rom is working smoothly, my Demon Witch is also moving along. Emerald is dead. I am going to re-do some of Sapphire that will change how things go in Emerald so it's dead, scraps, FILE 13! (OK, I'll keep it but it's going to be redone ALLOT!)
I am still planning/plotting my Witches on Vacation and the Paranormal Pimping.

Reading side: I've finished Amanda Ashley's newest book-Night's Pleasure; gotten Alexis Morgan's new one-Darkness Unknown; Finished Veil of Midnight, Night Huntress and At Graves End all with in the last month. I know, I know not my normal time line, but heck I'm reading, just slower. My TBR pile is still quite thick, but I keep moving new books to the top. I'm hoping to get my PRIDE from Rachel Vincent soon so I can read that one... but I'll wait....

Alright I'm off for the night guys...

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Start

OK, so it's almost the end of the first month of the new year. My goals this year are to finish Emerald and at least 2 of the rough drafts I'm working on right now. I've figured I am going to share some of my ideas. Besides, you guys might like one of them and want to encourage me to work on that one. But first I'm still looking for a critique partner(s)! I have no idea where to find one, or more. I am going to ConDFW on February 20Th, so I hope to meet some new people there, and to get back in touch with some others. See this was the first Con I went to, EVER, so it been a year of my trials, and it's been a very bumpy ride so far.

Alright, so here are some of my ideas: (WIP's-work in progress)

Demon Witch-Sephone wanted adventure, excitement and romance when she set off for college. But she got boring classes, country living and guys who couldn't get over themselves long enough to notice she was something more than just pretty to look at. Sephone longed to know the past, and used it as her future, little did she know that digging up the past can cause things to change.
Sephone may think a great pair of heels can make a guy go gaga, but a pretty set of horns can get her more than she asked for.

A musing- Krissy is trying to use her talents with out her getting used. She's tired of having people use her for what she can do, so she sets out to make it work for her. Trying to save her own little section of the planet she is told that she has a bigger goal in life, and it's not just a gift she was given, but part of her life.

Element's of Passion- Alexandra (alley) figured turning 21 was going to be nothing at all, besides she had graduated college, had a job lined up, and a few guys to pick from. Little did she know that someone from her past, her mother, would be coming back to take her to her true path in life. Unknown creates and powers come to her and she's tossed to the world of Estillia, the home of the Fey.

Un-Cover me-Samantha's job was stretching her thin. Teacher all year, and agent during the summer. She was tired of it, and needed out. How can anyone have a life when you don't know which is your true life. Sent in as the pretty face she is tired of being underestimated, till she meets Greivin, a over the top smart guy who is tired of being the brains. These two set out on a whirled wind adventure to get what their government wants, but only to discover it's them.

Alright, so there you have it. Those are the current WIP! Kinda a wide range huh... well if you think that's allot go back and read my "IDEAS"...