Friday, May 8, 2009

They come out of no where

Yes, the ploting just comes out of no where.... Watching something on TV and it just pops in.

So Thanks to some pushing.... I've got two plots going.. but picking which point of view to go with, basically whose story is it.

Run down, it's FINALLY a mermaid story.... yes I've had this thing for mermaids since I was a kid... and I've written down several but this one... it's different... THANK YOU ASH!!! *yes you will be hearing about her allot, she's my critique partner!

So now I'm blogging about nothing... Personal life is interesting... yes I'm talking to a couple guys... but they each offer me something I need.... One is smart and keeps up with me for reading and writing... another is a music buff and can sing! One is rough neck and ex military... the other is just to sweet for his own good. What I need is a blender to mix them all together. Any one got a big one I can use?!

Alright... I'm off to read or write... not sure.

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