Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspiration....or Motivation

Do you find yourself struggling to find the inspiration?  Maybe you have the inspiration but no motivation?  I have had some of the same struggles here lately. 

So how do I fix it?  That's what I wondered.  So far I've tried scheduling time to do it, that just made me feel like it was forced to do it at that time and only that time.  I found myself being inspired at different times of day and when I had set aside time at one time I wasn't ready or had forgotten what I wanted to do.  So to fix that I had my note books everywhere.  That didn't mean my inspiration was easily captured.  I found that I wanted to write when it was there, but I only had a quick moment to jot down the notes.

So how do you have all day to write when you don't.  I mean I have a full time job, two kids who depend on me to have time for them separate and then a fiance who wants time.  Oh, let's not forget the planning of a wedding, T-Ball for the boy, Girl Scouts for the girl and I like to read.  Nope, there is not a time to put writing in there all day every day.  So I tried doing my weekends when the kids are with their Father to writing.  But I was struggling with that too!  I needed to have that time for myself.  I had to do things I can't normally do with the kids here; like SLEEP IN!

So I started to do it at work too, taking time on my breaks, between calls, my lunch to write, or jot down things.  I still had my note books everywhere! (I'm not joking, I even had one in the bathroom, two in the car, one in my purse, one at work on my desk, one with my laptop, another beside the bed.)  They all have pens attached so I couldn't use that as an excuse.  Once every so often I would gather them all up transfer the information and put them back.  This just made it hard!  Most of them had the same information in them just worded differently.

So I went to recording myself when I was driving when I felt like writing, or had a good idea (this included songs that inspired me).  This was GREAT!  But I kinda killed my cell phone battery or ran out of storage space!  (my phone sucked anyway and I'm getting a new one tomorrow!)

So what does this mean?  When the mood strikes you can't force it down, and when it's not there you can't force it to be there.  So take the time when you have it and just breath and go for it.  I mean it.  It is just that simple. 

I did make some motivation cards to kinda just make sure I knew that I could do this!  So I've attached a picture for you to see, this was at work shhh...