Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So what is next?

What do you do once you say you are going to be a writer?  Well before you do that you need to hear what Ben Franklin had to say about it:
"Either you write something worth reading or do something worth writing about."

I agree with this and the idea that if you can't breath with out writing, than write, but if you can don't and run, run far and fast. (said to my at my first CON by BEV HALE)

So where does this leave me because I've been writing since 2007 and I'm not published.  Well, Alexis Morgan told me that she wrote for 20 years before she got going.  Others like Caitlin Kittredge get published with three books in under two years.  Even though I went to my first CON in Feb of2008 and I had high hopes of having my first book on the shelves by 2010, life had other plans.  Some of those plans have been great. (like the Viking!) and others a little bit harder.

So where does that leave me?  Writing.  That's right, I may not have moved far into the world, but I will be published!  Like I said I was working with a group and I'm going to post some about that.  The first book comes out soon and I'll have links for you to follow and I think it will be great!!!!!!  I may not of had words in the first two sections of the books, but I will in the one that comes out in December!! That is right 2011, Paige Maddison will become published Author!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So what is missing?

For  those that have been with me for sometime now notice somethings are missing.  That's right I removed my blog, and now I've removed post.

I have some good news I've been asked (several months ago) to join in on a project.  I am very excited about it and look forward to being published.  That's right I'm going to be published!!!!!

Right now I am on the sidelines working on blogs and such for them and one day soon I will be able to have a point of view and will become published!

I can't give details but that it is Young Adult and that the first volume will be out in a couple weeks!

**Personal life**
The wedding is in a couple weeks also, but let's just say it's a headache, worth it!