Monday, January 16, 2012

The long weekend

So I had high hopes to do some good writing/reading this weekend.  I did get some good reading, finished 2 books.  I've also started another, and should finish it tonight.  (2 house of night books and another of a different series)

So what are you reading?  How long does it normally take you to read a book?  Back in 2007 I could read a book in under 12 hours, now I'm at a couple days unless I have nothing else to do.

On the writing I didn't get allot done but the goal was met.  I figured I've over shot the goal everyday so far, a couple days of just the goal should be OK too! 

I also watched a couple movies!!  2 yesterday (contagion and raise of the planet of apes) and 2 today (fright night and Final destination 5). 

As some of you know I'm having a baby, so I also did some online window shopping, planning and even looked at some names.  So far we have a couple favorites for both a boy and a girl!!!  We still do not know what we are having so we have to wait till late February to find out.  We are happy with a boy or girl, but with this being my Vikings first child we are over excited!

So tell me about your weekend!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

What are you doing?

Do you ever sit back and wonder what you are doing when you set a goal.  Life happens and I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, but my goals are long term. 

So what do you do?  You set short term goals to get to the long term one!!!! That's what I do.  I set out to write 500 new words a day, along with edit what I have already done to touch it up.  Now you may be saying 500 words is not alot, right.  Well it is more than one word a day! 
I think of it this way:

**500 words TIMES 365 days a year = 182,500 words written a year. 

Now the normal romance book is between 80,000 and 120,000.  So in my world I aim to have a a book about 100,000.  So with my math I should be able to write a FULL new manuscript that is ready to show off and an 80,000 word rough draft. 

OK, so that does sound like a big, big goal!  I do not think I am going to get this done, but my goal is also to just have one manuscript, polished and ready to submit around!  That's right, I feel that it has to be ready to be submitted for it to count as my goal, not just written. 

See, I've written a manuscript.  I have Sapphire written, yet I will need to polish it.  I wrote Sapphire in under 60days from 0-100,000 words.  I have never had someone read it, I've never worked on it since 2007 when I wrote it!  Yes you see that right I wrote this book 5 years ago and it's been sitting there.

**Any way, what book am I working on?  I've picked up Paranormal Daycare and a manuscript idea that was started with Ash and I.  I feel these are both new ideas and that they could be the ones that can grow into something NEW to the world!

So I am still looking for someone to read my work, someone who will be honest, open and ready to jump in head first....are you them???  If so let me know!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

So how goes it?

They say most people give up on their Resolutions with in one week of setting them.  So here it is day five of the year and I want to know how you are doing!!!

Writing is good, today I wrote 1000 words before lunch!  So I may finish the first chapter before the end of the week. 

So what is it that we do next with this???  You get someone to read it?!  I'm still working on finding someone to read my work, edit it, or just be honest about their opinions.  So do you know someone who is like this?  Are you like this?  LET ME KNOW!

So tell me how you are doing and what you think will help you keep going!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

That's right people it's 2012!  What will this year hold?  I'm not sure what it will hold, but I know what I'm trying to do about it and that just means more of the same.

I know it's been some time since the last post and my life has changed.  I've gotten married, I'm expecting a child and well Christmas! 

The end of the year doesn't always mean something coming to an end but to something new starting.  Starting that is what I'm doing.  I've picked up an outline I wrote in 2009 and worked out profiles, an arc for this book and the next two to make it a trio.

What else are you doing, do we dare say what are your resolutions?  I've chosen to try harder and set my mind to things better and to be more organized!  All of these go hand and hand so it should be easy. 

So let me know what your New Year Resolutions are!