Monday, January 16, 2012

The long weekend

So I had high hopes to do some good writing/reading this weekend.  I did get some good reading, finished 2 books.  I've also started another, and should finish it tonight.  (2 house of night books and another of a different series)

So what are you reading?  How long does it normally take you to read a book?  Back in 2007 I could read a book in under 12 hours, now I'm at a couple days unless I have nothing else to do.

On the writing I didn't get allot done but the goal was met.  I figured I've over shot the goal everyday so far, a couple days of just the goal should be OK too! 

I also watched a couple movies!!  2 yesterday (contagion and raise of the planet of apes) and 2 today (fright night and Final destination 5). 

As some of you know I'm having a baby, so I also did some online window shopping, planning and even looked at some names.  So far we have a couple favorites for both a boy and a girl!!!  We still do not know what we are having so we have to wait till late February to find out.  We are happy with a boy or girl, but with this being my Vikings first child we are over excited!

So tell me about your weekend!!

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