Monday, January 26, 2009

New Start

OK, so it's almost the end of the first month of the new year. My goals this year are to finish Emerald and at least 2 of the rough drafts I'm working on right now. I've figured I am going to share some of my ideas. Besides, you guys might like one of them and want to encourage me to work on that one. But first I'm still looking for a critique partner(s)! I have no idea where to find one, or more. I am going to ConDFW on February 20Th, so I hope to meet some new people there, and to get back in touch with some others. See this was the first Con I went to, EVER, so it been a year of my trials, and it's been a very bumpy ride so far.

Alright, so here are some of my ideas: (WIP's-work in progress)

Demon Witch-Sephone wanted adventure, excitement and romance when she set off for college. But she got boring classes, country living and guys who couldn't get over themselves long enough to notice she was something more than just pretty to look at. Sephone longed to know the past, and used it as her future, little did she know that digging up the past can cause things to change.
Sephone may think a great pair of heels can make a guy go gaga, but a pretty set of horns can get her more than she asked for.

A musing- Krissy is trying to use her talents with out her getting used. She's tired of having people use her for what she can do, so she sets out to make it work for her. Trying to save her own little section of the planet she is told that she has a bigger goal in life, and it's not just a gift she was given, but part of her life.

Element's of Passion- Alexandra (alley) figured turning 21 was going to be nothing at all, besides she had graduated college, had a job lined up, and a few guys to pick from. Little did she know that someone from her past, her mother, would be coming back to take her to her true path in life. Unknown creates and powers come to her and she's tossed to the world of Estillia, the home of the Fey.

Un-Cover me-Samantha's job was stretching her thin. Teacher all year, and agent during the summer. She was tired of it, and needed out. How can anyone have a life when you don't know which is your true life. Sent in as the pretty face she is tired of being underestimated, till she meets Greivin, a over the top smart guy who is tired of being the brains. These two set out on a whirled wind adventure to get what their government wants, but only to discover it's them.

Alright, so there you have it. Those are the current WIP! Kinda a wide range huh... well if you think that's allot go back and read my "IDEAS"...

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