Monday, September 15, 2008

What the heck... we doing this or not!

Alright. I'm working hard, but you know it's hard work! I love writing... the best is getting to know who you are writing about. I've got 5 profiles working for a new series. Lots of new concepts and things going with that.
Emerald is on a fast track right now... I'm almost done! Well, with the rough draft.

Some personal stuff...
I've been doing a diet with some of the girls online that I talk to... I don't know how much I've lost b/c well, I don't like scales, but I'm doing good. I'm feeling better, I don't have more energy yet, but I'm not sleeping better either. I started useing my machine again everynight... it's still hard to go to sleep with out the pills, but I'm getting better.

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