Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ya know what!

Nothing! It's a quite day. We have the windows/doors open because it's so nice, it's rare to do this in Texas. All the kids are being great today, I didn't sleep so that helps. I've started charecter building for my new book.
I'm trying something new. I'm letting friends of mine be the chareters... not straight out. I'll have input on who they are and stuff...but they will have input on looks, attitude and back grounds. I'm even going to let them help with the males too. I'm taking my direction a little diffrent this time. I think it's something new and it might be more fun for both me and any readers.
Speaking of readers, I have several people reading Sapphire right now. I've already gotten a couple of things back from them.!! I hear good things, and some ok things. I even had someone be honest and tell me they didn't like how it started! I'm working on that now. (we talked about it and are trying a new start and so far so good)
Well, I'm off to make lunch for kids and do more work. I'll be around...

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