Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So, let's get this thing moving!

Alright. It's the start of a new month, week and life!
It's also the start of a new book! That's right... I am done doing reaserch for a new book idea that I have not told you about at all. Why? Because I liked it so much I didn't want to let anyone know about. I still have one person to talk to before I put hands to keys, but I think she will like it and I HOPE that she will help me on it.
It's a totaly new idea for me, well, kinda... yes it has vampires in it... but I've had this idea blooming for the last couple months and I have been digging into my own past and with everything that's happening I figured why not add it to the mix too.
Other things that are happening are that I'm working on Emerald again! I wrote about 1000 words last night, not much, but heck, Christian's off the plane so we are good now! I'm taking this a new direction and going to have to change something that happened early on to make it work, but I'm ok with it for this second, it's only a rough draft.

I am working VERY hard on my tag line for my Querry letter! I think I got it... tell me what you think
When Isabella Kinsley gets on with her life after her accident she finds that her dreams can come ture in the form of Aiden O'Quinn. Now she just needs to make her choice of path in life, to bad they all lead to blood.
So what do you think? It would be the first thing a agent would read in my querry letter... I am also working on a synopsis.. this is my weak point... I can't sum anything up... no long stories made short for me... they are all long! I'm trying! So if you have read my manuscript (there are are few of you who have) give me your ideas of a over all cation of the book?!
I'm off, lunch time for the kiddos and I might eat something too... more then coffee!

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