Sunday, April 11, 2010

New goals

So, goals are hard to deal with when life throws things at you. So you have school work or a full time job. You have homework, house work and people who depend on you, and not just the ones in your head.

So, most authors set goals, full time Authors have large goals like 3000 words a day. I've seen some who want to do even higher ones. Some who still have 'jobs' other than writing set smaller ones, but they still have a goal. I've seen some who go for the 3000 also.

I can't do that much. I have a full time job, two kids who have their own activities, T-ball for the boy and glam girl for the daughter. I also have a house to take care of and let's not forget relationships and relaxation to do.

So how do I fit in writing? I have found myself not writing, having trouble finishing what I have started and sometimes even getting going. That's when I had set a goal to finish a novel by the end of the year. That's right, the whole book will be finished before the end of 2010!

That's how I plan to do it. I plan to write at least 500 words a day. Why so little.... well, it was 1000, and I had trouble meeting it so far this year. I was struggling, fining it to be a punishment to write. Now how did I pick that goal?? I wanted to finish a book by the end of the year and wanted to have it edited. I looked that it would be 365000 words written by the end of the year, but it was too much.

My new goal is 500 a day, and it started this week. That leaves me 262 or so days left in the year. So by the end of the year I should have 131,000 words written. So that's the new goal, one that is easier to fit with in my life.

My challenge is for you to try it on too. If you have something that you want to complete, put a goal to it.

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