Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So Far So good

Well, Monday was hard. I was home sick from work, but I did get the writing done. I wrote a total of 700 words. Not bad, considering I didn't even get out of bed till after noon.

What am I working on?? The W.I.P is titled "A Dating Bite" It's a story of a single mom who finds herself looking for daycare that has some special 'perks' for the sunlight challenged. I love the people in this book, Marie is kinda just like me and I see a lot of myself in Ava too. Putting yourself inside a book makes it hard, but it's also fun to do things you can only do in a book.

Today I am home again. I plan on writing today, even more than yesterday. Mostly because I want to get to the first big part of the book, that's where I've ended with the planning, and it will just be the "flow" taking over. I plan on keeping up better with my blog, because I hope that by the end of the year to be looking for an agent...here's to that!!!

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